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Perspectives on Wearable Drug Delivery – Part 1

A few weeks ago, one of the THAY Medical team presented at the Wearable Drug Delivery conference in London, run by ONdrugDelivery and The Management Forum. Our Managing Director and principal Human Factors Consultant, Greg Thay presented on the human factors involved in wearable drug delivery. The presentation focused on understanding emotion. Primarily because emotions…


How much fidelity should be included in Human factors studies?

Before a medical device can be launched it is recommended that it go through a number of human factors and usability studies to ensure it is safe to use. These studies are used to develop safe medical devices and to ensure that they are usable by the intended users (patients, carers and healthcare professionals ect).…


Designing Usable Medical Devices for Home Use

I live at home with my family, a number of pets and luckily for myself and my family, very few medical devices. But as I age, I expect to be bringing home from hospitals and pharmacies more home-use medical devices – especially if hospital care is shifting towards home-based treatments and rehabilitation. This I do…