Global Human Factors and Usability Engineering for Medical Devices

THAY Medical are a specialist Human Factors and Usability Engineering consultancy who partner with clients to focus on medical device users. We are based in the UK and Sweden and focus only on the world-class delivery of our services. We lead and are passionate on what we do to ensure that all users can safely and effectively use medical devices.

Usability and Human Factors Engineering

We are specialists at performing Usability Engineering and Human Factors Tests on medical devices. We perform Usability and Human Factors tests in many countries globally. Our work exceeds the requirements of all the world-wide Usability and Human Factors Engineering regulations, including the FDA Human Factors guidances, IEC 62366-1 and the UK’s MHRA guidance. We also perform tests to meet ISO 11607 for sterile packaging and the FDA’s ANDA guidance for drug delivery devices. We are passionate on ensuring medical devices can be used safely and effectively.

User Research

Understanding clinicians, caregivers and patients and all users of medical devices is vital when developing new medical technologies and when modifiying existing products. THAY Medical are specialists at performing front-end user research into how users interact with new clinical practices and use tasks through performing Ethnography, Heuristic Evaluations, Expert Reviews, Structured Interviews and user-focused research. We listen. We observe. We record. Combined, these form high-quality user needs, user requirements and ultimately – safe and usable medical devices.

World-wide locations

Safe Recruitment

Use Environments

Realistic Simulation

We are able to perform research, studies and tests in many countries globally – especially in Europe, Asia, Australasia and the USA. 

We recruit and manage participants in our research, studies and test ethically to ensure their safe participation. Their safety is paramount.

We research, study and test in all types of use environments that medical devices and technologies are used within from hospitals to homes.

We have the capability to recreate and simulate intended use environments for research, studies and tests to realistic levels for all medical devices.

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