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The Usability of Christmas Holidays

We all look forward to the Christmas holidays. Wrong. Not all of us do. But many who are Christian and Jewish do, or who live in a country that celebrate this event. So, I am not going to go into the history books, quote from the Bible or even sing a Christmas carol (most are…


Test Anxiety in Human Factors Testing

Some thoughts on ‘test anxiety’ by Vaidotas Nenorta, Human Factors Engineer. I want to talk about a very important test factor that every single one of us encounters in our lives when performing human factors and usability tests – participant anxiety. Test anxiety appears in our bodies, just like before stepping in to a photo-shoot…


Why human factors and usability is important in healthcare – Part 1

Human beings are generally quite positive animals. We, as a species are one of the few species that continuously improve ourselves and our surroundings. We are by far though the quickest evolving animals right now. This past weekend, we have been remembering the past one-hundred years since Armistice Day in 1918. To think that this…