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Why human factors and usability is important in healthcare – Part 1

Human beings are generally quite positive animals. We, as a species are one of the few species that continuously improve ourselves and our surroundings. We are by far though the quickest evolving animals right now. This past weekend, we have been remembering the past one-hundred years since Armistice Day in 1918. To think that this…


Selection of Test Venues for Home-use Medical Devices

With the ongoing development of medical devices, more and more are becoming available for patient’s at home. There are numerous benefits to the patient of a home-use medical device. For example, the patient will be at home surrounded by their home comforts, friends and family. With this in mind when testing a home-use medical device…


Human Factors discussed at Human Factors Conference!

A few weeks ago Greg Thay, our principle and founder, presented at the ‘Human Factors and Usability for Medical Devices Workshop’, run by The Human Factors Centre, UK. It was a really insightful event featuring talks by Human Factors and Usability professionals – some of the top names in the UK, from some of the…