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Recruiting Lay Users

THAY Medical have the expertise and experience to recruit many lay people for research and studies. For the locations of Austria, Australia, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Switzerland, UK and USA, THAY Medical have the internal capability to guarantee participation of lay users to meet sample size requirements from 5-150 participants. Lay users – the general population – are often untrained people, who are not Healthcare Professionals, carers or patients, but are users of devices.

An example of a lay user would be someone who potentially would have to use an Epinephrine auto-injector. When someone has an analphalactic shock and starts to develop serious symptoms, they may be unable to administer themselves with an epinephrine injection, and as such would rely on a lay user to perform the injection to them. This could be a family member, friend, work colleague or actually someone they do not know. These are lay users or lay people, and it is vital to research and evaluate these type of users for devices they are intended to use.

When recruiting lay users, THAY Medical always hit the sample sizes required by global regulations for research and testing. For early development research and formative human factors / usability studies, we recommend 5-8 participants per user group should be evaluated, for summative human factors / usability tests, we recommend 15-25 participants per user group, and for comparative and clinical feedback human factors tests, from 5-150 participants per user group.

If you have a recruitment requirement, or would like to involve lay users in your research or study, please contact us.

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