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Medical devices we have expertise in..

The list of medical devices that THAY Medical get involved with is ever increasing. Whilst we get the chance to understand some devices for short periods of time, there are some types of devices that we get to really have an in-depth understanding of, or that we research and test them frequently. What this does, is to give us a real in-depth understanding of the users of that type of device, along with the use environments, its usability, its real-life safety and real-life scenarios of use. This enables use to have a level of prediction and insight into the users lives that many organisations do not have time to look into.

What THAY Medical can use this insight for is to inform new developments of medical devices to ensure their usability, but also to make them great in their use. We have high standards, and as such we want to see great medical devices. In some cases, it is the human factors and usability that can enhance the clinical application of a device to make it into a long-lasting and profitable product or system. Good usability can increase how people live with medical devices, improve their quality of life, compliance and safety each time they interact with it.

Medical devices we have good expertise in are listed below. This is not a comprehensive list though, and the types and variety of medical devices we research and test will continue to expand.

  • Injection Devices
  • Home-care Medical Devices
  • Infusion Systems
  • Over-The-Counter (OTC) Products
  • Wound-care & cosmetic devices
  • Critical-care Medical devices
  • Medical Software

For each project, each test, THAY Medical staff immerse themselves into understanding the clinical application of the device, how it is used, how it is intended to be used and how the device works. To research and test a medical device, a high level of understanding of each device is required, otherwise it is difficult to produce good quality usability and human factors data.

Please select a type of medical device to find out more on our expertise with those specific products.

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Infusion Systems

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Injection Devices

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Home-care Medical Devices


Critical-care Medical Devices


Medical Software


Over-The-Counter Products

Cosmetic Products

Wound-care & Cosmetic Devices