About Human Factors Innovation

Understanding your intended users to create usable medical devices.

THAY Medical are continuously performing research into medical device users and how they interact and manage their healthcare systems, medical devices, conditions, disabilities and injuries. As such, we observe what works well and what does not. It is when we see people having difficulties that we find ourselves thinking if there are solutions to remove these problems.
When we find that there are no solutions to remove the difficulty, we like to innovate and come up with solutions — we call this Human Factors Innovation, or HFI for short.

More on Human Factors Innovation

THAY Medical have in-house Research, Design and Human Factors Engineering expertise. This enables THAY Medical to specify solutions to remove the difficulties the medical device user may have. We are able to comprehensively research and understand the human factors surrounding the difficulty, and develop a solution that will remedy any difficulty, and this should improve the safety and the use experience for the medical device users.

More on Verifying Solutions

One of the activities THAY Medical always undertake when innovating is user research – gathering quality data to ensure a high level of understanding of difficulties and safety issues related to a medical devices. We then develop potential remedies before evaluating the potential solutions in Human factors and Usability Tests.

More on Working With System Innovation

THAY Medical develop solutions to enable an easier and safer life for the medical device user. We also work with medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical organisations to assist them in providing high quality system-based solutions for the intended user to manage and be within, rather than just single device solutions. We believe this methodology leads to improved healing or a higher quality of life for the recipient, the patient. It’s not just the medical device that does this, but the human system that it works within.

More on Creating Opportunity Spaces

Human Factors Innovation creates opportunity spaces that may not be normally developed through current market research methods. We believe these opportunity spaces highlight medical device difficulties, that may have an impact on device use, use safety and clinical compliance. Improving the medical device enhances the use experience for the medical device user, which is beneficial for all. If you have an area of healthcare, a medical device, a clinical need that requires investigation to determine opportunity spaces, we can help.

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