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Our services have been developed to help your organisation develop safe and usable medical devices. We pride ourselves in having a flexible approach to our services, which means you can have a tailored service to meet your needs. Please explore our services to find the service you require information on. If you cannot find what you require, please contact us.

human factors usability testing medical devices


This involves applying human factors tools and methodologies prior to or early stage development of a medical device, software or system to:

  • Identify innovation opportunities
  • De-risk use errors
  • Increase user experience and desirability
  • To aid with CE marking
Usability Testing


Formative & Summative testing of medical and pharmaceutical devices, software and systems to comply with the following regulations:

  • FDA – United States of America
  • MHRA – United Kingdom
  • IEC 62366-1 & EU MDR (2017/45/EC) – Europe